Promotional Outreach

Part of the TAA philosophy is to encourage children who participate in our projects to go on and engage with known galleries, museums and public collections.

We are currently in discussions with The National Trust and the Horniman Museum to find ways we can use our exhibition model, associate artists and past project participants to promote these cultural resources to their contemporaries.

TAA would welcome approaches from any other organisations who would be interested in discussing promotional outreach.

Picture My World – Strong on the Shoulders of a Giant

15 March 2021

Picture My World

15 March 2021

Picture My World

15 March 2021

Picture My World – Talk About Art

15 March 2021

Picture My World Week 1

15 March 2021

Delighted to invite nine young people to the first Picture My World session.

Successful start to Picture My World

19 February 2021

Talk About Art artist Pauline was delighted to welcome ten young people to the first…

Book launch great success!!

13 November 2020

On Wednesday 11th November our long awaited book launch “UR ART 2020 – A Celebration…

TAAUK Online Video Turorials

12 May 2020

We are thrilled to announce our series of FREE online art tutorials, Talk About…UR ART….