Projects & Exhibitions

TAA projects are not just about creating brilliant artists, they are about recognising the visual art that surrounds us every day, giving children and teenagers the confidence to express their opinions of that art and breaking down barriers so they can have belief in their own creativity in whatever form it takes and regardless of the daily challenges they face.

Working with children/teenager focussed partner organisations and TAA Associate Artists, we run projects and then curate exhibitions which goes on public or virtual display incorporating the artwork and filmed responses inspired by an established artistic movement or genre.

Public exhibitions go on public display in one of the community libraries for a minimum of two weeks. During this time free workshops are offered to other local schools and youth organisations. On average each exhibition engages with 300 children/teenagers, 35 teaching/support staff and 6,000 members of the general public.

Talk About Art and Our Environment with James Wolfe Primary School

6 May 2021

Yesterday Talk About Art associate artists Simon Purins and Salina Jane started working with James…

Talk About Art & Victorian Rebellion – Exhibition Content

1 April 2021


Talk About Art & Tides of Change – Exhibition content

26 March 2021

Talk About Art onthe Move – Peter Doig

26 March 2021

Talk About Art on the Move – Marc Chagall

26 March 2021

Talk About Art on the Move – Frank Auerbach

26 March 2021

Talk About Art on the Move – Nikki de Saint Phalle

26 March 2021

Talk About Art on the Move – Edmonia Lewis

26 March 2021