Talk About Art are delighted to welcome Invicta Primary School as a partner on the Greenwich Talk About Art and Our Environment project. They are one of just three schools selected whose work generated as part of the project will goon display in West Greenwich Library from May 5th – June 4th 2022.

TAA Senior Associate Artists Simon Purins led the project working with a mixed group of years 2-6.

Week 1
In week one we looked at the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude and responded with some observed drawing.

Week 2
Our week 2 artist, Senga Nengudi, inspired us to look at everyday objects in different ways and use them to create other things.

Week 3
In session 3 we made paper sculptures inspired by the “Godmother” of Environmental Art, Agnes Denes.

Week 4
In week 4 we looked at the work of Benjamin Von Wong who uses huge quantities of waste materials to create his pieces which highlight the impact of plastic on the environment.

Week 5
In week 5 we looked at the work of Ana Mendieta and how she used various techniques to make her body blend in with the environment. We used face paints to reflect the same idea.

Week 6
In our final week of exploring different environmental artists we looked at Andy Goldsworthy and his use of natural materials to make art. Next week we start work on our own devised piece!

Weeks 7, 8 and 9
The last three weeks of the project were spent creating our own devised piece to go on display at West Greenwich Library. The piece depicts the Garden of Eden and humankind collaged out of waste materials.