Talk About Art Senior Associate Artist Simon Purins started working with Coopers Lane School ably supported by teacher Beth at the end of February.

The group consisted of 17 pupils in school and 3 logging from home supported by a further three members of staff. So great to get this level of support which just enhances the whole project experience.

Senior Associate Artist; Simon Purins


Examples of work inspired by learning about Environmental artist Senga Negudi.

How could you change your object so it is useful and less harmful to the environment? For Example, could your soft drink can be a flower vase or a car or an airplane made out of tin cans? How can you re-use or re-purpose your object? Draw your idea or design. It could be imaginary and magical or something you would find in real life.   Use pencils and felt tips to colour your idea in?

Examples of work inspired by learning about the “Grandmother of Environmental Art” Agnes Denes

Create a sculpture made from paper, inspired by the natural environment. What will you make? It could be a sunflower, a mountain, a butterfly, a tree, pineapple


Examples of work inspired by learning about Ana Mendieta and how she created art by blending her body with the local landscape

Quick on the draw warm up – draw your silhouette

Practical piece – draw an environment on your face or hand or foot, so fill with clouds, or bark and disguise yourself as a tree,

Simon demonstrating on zoom

Each participant was given three face paints to create their environment