Scarlett’s ride is called ‘Jungle’ and is a family ride. The aim is to brave the jungle to reach the jungle’s treasure. The ride begins by walking through a pretend jungle, with (real) butterflies and (fake) parrots around. There are steppingstones over water, with fake crocodiles. Then you need to go up a narrow ledge/slope holding onto a rope. Next, crouch down a bit to go through a dark tunnel to get to wobbly wooden bridge over running water. They climb down a short net with the noise of monkeys. Then climb up the inside of a tree, with birds squawking. They then zip line/rope swing across a small (fake) snake pit or dangerous animal prints on the ground. This takes them to a wooden hut with bats. They go down some steps, then take a short boat ride down stream and enter a cave. The cave is dark, cold and dripping. The tunnel opens and there is lots of gleaming treasure in the sky, out of reach, guarded by monkeys. To leave the jungle the boat goes behind a waterfall.