All the work shown has been created during lockdown by our wonderfully talented young people in South East London.

UR ART 2020 is now closed for submissions, thank you to everyone who has taken part. Medals and certificates will be sent out by 7th September 2020. All entries will be brought together in a book which will be archived in libraries in Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich as a testament to the creative talent discovered during lockdown.

Adrian,   Amy,   Anastasia

Chloe,    David,    Elena

Elsie,   Holly,   Husna


Daniella, Finley, Albert, Charlie, Isabella, Ahmed

Iris,   Jessica,  Juliet

Kasharn,   Katy,   Katy,    Kimron


Keira,    Mia

Mina,    Nabintou,    Narin

Rabbi,    Ria,   Ronaldo

Rowan,   Sara

Aysha,   Bethany,    Finley,    Hanan,    Max

Two group pieces from Tidemill Academy Year 1

Samuel,    Tahlia,    Persephone

Matilda,    Connie,   Leo

Oliver,    Sadie,    Sadie

Agnes,    Grace,    Jude,    Jiya,    Raven

two more from Jiya and one from Tia

Alma,    Edith,    Evelyn

Quincy,    Anand,    Elodie

Reeddhima,    Mya,    Mya